Top 5 must have phone accessories

These days, everyone has a smartphone with great software and hardware that allow us to have thousands of awesome applications. However, smartphones are also devices that can be improved with some accessories. Take a look at the 5 phone accessories that anyone should have!

1. Portable power bank

Not surprisingly, portable power banks are the most purchased accessory for smartphones. We tend to use our device for everything, even for playing. Consequently, the battery wears out faster. No matter how much capacity it has, it is never enough. 

When choosing a portable power bank, it is necessary to take into account the power it has and the compatibility with our device. In addition, it is advisable to keep them charged, just like the smartphone.

For example, DEVIA Power Bank SMART PD 20000mah packs two USB Type C and A ports, which can charge the 50% of the battery of an Iphone 11 in 30 minutes.

2. Car Phone Holder

If you are used to find your way with your smartphone while driving, it might be a good idea to get a car phone holder. With this device you can see the best route to your destination in a safer way. 

A car phone holder, such as DEVIA Car Mount STORM, offers you the best visibility of your screen and its 5 fixing points ensure the best hold for your phone.

3. Headphones 

Headphones are not an unusual accessory and most of the smartphones come with a pair, but if you are a music lover or want to watch films or tv series, you must have some quality headphones. 

You have a huge number to choose from, like bluetooth headphones or standard headphones with wires. Some of them have noise reduction, keeping you way from any external noise if you are walking in the street or if you just want to only enjoy the music.

4. Smart Watches

Smart watches have become a must-have accessory for smartphones because of its multi-purpose use. For example, you can manage all the notifications or see your messages. Some of them even allow you to know your heart rate, attend phone calls, control your sleeping hours, and more. 

5. Phone Cases

For most people a phone case is the most useful and necessary accessory for our smartphone.

It provides the best protection against hits and scratches. Apart from that, cases today have different designs depending on your likes: cute and colorful, elegant, cool… 

Brands like GUESS or BMW have not hesitated and have designed their own cases for smartphones, making this accessory part of our personal style and more than just a protection.

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